Hello, my name — at least online — is Unorthodox Theory. Due to privacy reasons, I do not give out my real name, mostly due to the possibility of me being doxxed. Although the chances of getting doxxed is not 100%, it is also never at 0%. Due to the nature of my posts, I do not want this to affect my personal life. Regardless, let us move on. This blog is primarily a place where I can post stuff that I am interested in. The types of topics I like are racial issues, societal issues, statistics, genetics, crime, and other stuff. I got into these topics while I was almost entering college. After being a fan of Youtuber “skeptics” (anti-SJW/ 3rd-Wave Feminist Youtubers) one event led me to the path I am currently on. It started with a creator making a video discussing racial differences, and instead of people treating the topic with respect, this creator was instead harassed. This led me down a rabbit hole. While I was in my first semester of college, I got into the topic of racial differences and since then this has been my primary area of knowledge. I do dabble in other topics, though.

I am not a scientist nor a professional in the fields that I discuss. Since this is the case, I cite the researchers in within-text citations so others can check the sources and see that I am not making false claims. I ask the reader to judge the argument and evidence, not just disregard what is claimed because of a preconceived bias against me or the topic.